World Diabetes Day : 13 Nov 2011

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Held in conjunction with Anime Festival Asia, World Diabetes Day was organised by the Diabetic Association of Singapore to increase the awareness of diabetes though early detection and prevention of diabetes. There weren’t only physiotherapists there, there were so many different groups of people ranging from optometrists to toothpaste brands -Colgate and Systema. The Singapore Physiotherapy Association had a room all to themselves and that was where we volunteers were situated for 3 hours. I was part of the Fall Risk Assessment Group which also included Rachel, Yeok Ling and Rebecca. Being all Year 1s, we haven’t been taught in school how to conduct the test but it was easy enough once the physiotherapist pointed out to us the tiny details to look out for to ensure that our client performed what was required of them. For example, for the Sit to stand test, we had to make sure that they stood with knees extended fully and when they sat their whole buttock was on the chair. This definitely trained our eye for observation which would come in handy as we progress through our course!

Another thing i learnt was the importance of giving clear and concise instructions to ensure that your client performs according to how you want them to! Everyone interprets your instructions differently so by clarifying with them before carrying on with the assessment is vital to ensure that they do not waste their energy! Its something i have to work on!

Although it may be tiring as we have to stand for long hours but after seeing how cooperative and cheerful the people i tested were and just a smile and thank you from them really made my day! It just reinforces my choice of taking up this course, i know job satisfaction will be guaranteed. 🙂

The 3rd SPSC


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