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In conjunction with Physiotherapy Month that is celebrated in September, the Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council wants to show our love to the physiotherapists in Nanyang Polytechnic — OUR BELOVED LECTURERS šŸ˜€

Teacher’s Appreciation Day was initiated in 2010 by the 1st SPSC and is up running for the second time this year! At the beginning of the semester, the SPSC has sent out letters to all 3 physiotherapy cohorts and requested each class to submit a photo of their class with their well wishes written on it for each of their lecturers. These photos were then collected, laminated and tied together into a photo stream. These photo streams were presented as a gift to our lecturers during the director’s list presentation that is held at the beginning of every semester. Hope all the lecturers like their gifts that have been specially handmade with loads of love ā¤

Other than the physiotherapy lecturers, we have also presented gifts to the other lecturers who have taught us many things about our amazing and complex brain and body to help us along our journey to be a physiotherapist. These people include Dr Param, Dr Tan, Dr Lam! Last but not least, we would like to show ourĀ utmostĀ appreciation to Patrick, who is always there to help us with the openings of the lab as well as theĀ equipmentĀ that we need for practicals and projects.

All in all, many thanks to everyone of you out there who have made an effort to make our NYP school life a meaningful and enriching one!

Enjoy the photos that were taken during the presentation! šŸ˜€

Rashid (:

Fauzan (:

Michelle (:

Bernadine (:

Beng Hean (:

Clement (:

Dr Lee (:

Shiek (:

Dr Param (:

Dr Tan (:

Patrick (:

Dr Bala (:


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