Open house 2012

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We’ve just had one of our first “major” events for physiotherapy this year: OPEN HOUSE 2012!

I don’t know how many of you were there but all us Year 1s had to be scheduled for duty (and we had free macs for our efforts). Most of us took 2 hour shifts at the atrium and PT clinic, interacting with possibly future juniors, but mainly watching all the O level students at the other booths.

Actually that is not true. I happened to be around for the afternoon shift on friday and I met loads of wonderful A level students who I can actually picture being part of the 2012/2013 cohort. The reason being it’s only so early in the year, and A level results don’t come out until March or something, I don’t think they would have given much thought to their university choices. Did you? I don’t think I did, until my results were out at the very least.

Nevertheless, word of mouth is also very good PR, right? 😀


This is the atrium where most of us were stationed. And this is where we stood answering most of the questions about physiotherapy. No prizes for guessing what the top question of the day was.

“What is the admission criteria?”

Oh don’t you worry you brilliant things, I am quite sure you will make the admission criteria. I’m more worried that you’ll miss the applications dateline since it closes so early, like I almost did. Just FYI, online applications close 2 weeks after the release of results. THAT fast. Don’t be cheated when they tell you you have a month to apply for schools, we’re special ^^

But it really was interesting to hear the take on what physiotherapy is and what sort of major some of them were already considering.



And the PT clinic (it’s on the second floor if most of you don’t know! Yes, I’m talking to you Year 1s :D). Basically at the PT clinic the visitors were shown the different type of equipment and modalities that are generally found in a physio clinic. And a video was also screened to further educate them about the job scope of a physiotherapy and the different fields there are. I heard the video was good, though I didn’t manage to watch it :/

Then on friday night, a group of physios performed for NYP Jam! We have talented physios 😀 I don’t have a video right now but I’ll post once I find one.

Oh, and I personally found this year’s open house shirt really pretty.

P.S – We are conducting an immersion camp on the 4th of Feb to learn more about physiotherapy. Any friends who are A level graduates this year interested? Do tell us! (:


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