The Fruitful End

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What a busy end to the semester?! We ended it with 4 major tests and two events to plan for by the council!

One of the events was the Year Three’s FYP presentation, which was held on 3/02/12. It was also the council’s first major event of the year. The event started off with me introducing the 3rd SPSC, a topic presentation by Fauzan and a welcome address by Dr Brian, Deputy Director for SHS (Allied). The Year 3s then proceeded to the respective lecture theatres for their presentations.

Even though, many of the topics were alien to the Year 1s (who were the main audience as the Year 2s were having their exam), the exposure to these presentations gave the Year 1s a good insight to the expectations required for a final year project. As they say knowledge has no boundaries, I am sure the knowledge acquired during the presentations will be useful to us in one way or another in the future.

Next event the council took responsibility in planning was the Health Science Immersion Camp (HSSIC) for prospective physiotherapy students on 4/02/2012. We were tasked to give these eager beavers a chance to know more about the course through games and interaction. I would say it was a mission accomplished as many of the students felt they could make an informed decision about joining the course after the HSSIC. So well done to our student volunteers for the event!

The conclusion of these events only signifies the start of many events the council will be organising in the upcoming months. So please do show us your support!

Furthermore, with the end of the semester we face our greatest adversity, our SEMESTRAL EXAM! On behalf of the 3rd SPSC, I would like to wish everyone the best of luck for their papers. As some claim, “Tough times don’t last but GPAs do!” Let’s give it our best shot!


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