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Alright! We’ve finally made it to the end of us being Year 1s. Despite all the trials and tribulations during the exams, I’m sure everyone’s simply glad they’re all over! Now for our short 3 week break which i’m sure will pass in the blink of an eye before we embark on our Clinical 2A attachment! Now i can finally sit down and do whatever i feel like doing anytime i want, better savor this free time we have.

How i’ve been spending my 2 days after exams? I’ve been watching my channel 8 CHINESE drama! Yes, it is in Chinese but of course with english subtitles, but i must say my spoken mandarin has improved by leaps and bounds! Preparing me for clinicals so i may speak to my patients in fluent or near fluent mandarin. Whoever out there who is in desperate need to brush up their second language should really consider watching dramas screened in those languages. It really helps!

For all those who just got their A Level results and are absolutely sure about which course they intend to take in the Tertiary education sector (Notice i mentioned Tertiary as it includes polytechnics and obviously Physiotherapy) or if you may think that physiotherapy may just be the course for you but you’re unsure of committing. I’d suggest you just call up the physiotherapy department in a hospital and request for a 1 day attachment to shadow a physio around! I’m sure most hospitals would be more than happy to have you. Before i enrolled in this course, I, being a kiasu Singaporean, was attached to 2 hospitals to learn more about physiotherapy.

Think about it, the decision you make after getting your A levels results is a major milestone which will change your life! The path you decide to take will ultimately decide what job you end up in. My advice, talk to various people with different jobs, this will give you an idea of what you’re interested in. Then consider your priorities in life, i.e Are you looking for Job satisfaction? Do you want a Job which pays good money?

If you’re reading this post, you’ve already took the first step towards your dream – being an Aspiring Physio. Quickly go apply to NYP! Hope to see you in a few months! ^^


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