Orientation 2012

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It is that time of year again.

For the year 2s and 3s, its the time when we return and continue on our journey of becoming future physiotherapists.

The time where I restock my pencil case with new stationary

The time where I have to exchange my storybooks for textbooks (which is why I will make sure I complete all 3 of Suzanne Collins’ novels from the “Hunger Games” series by Sunday)

For the brand new year 1s, it marks the beginning of a journey.

Of discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

Of understanding your choice of choosing physiotherapy as a profession.

Of further deepening your passion of working in the health care sector.

To mark this occasion, the Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council organized a fun-filled event to welcome the new year 1s. After starting off with talks from SIT and MOHH, the year 1s proceeded to have a ice-breakers and a treasure hunt, which for me seemed to be the highlight of the day. It involved the students moving throughout the SHS building searching for bones and doing some activities at the various stations. I particularly enjoyed the part where the year 1s had to guess if the bones they found were either from the upper limb and lower limb. It was like an Anatomy class all over again. Though the year 1s were unsure, they used Google to confirm their answers and strangely enough, this reminded me on the importance of internet in widening our knowledge especially in the ever changing health sector.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience. I hope the year 1s had a great time and will look forward to beginning their journey. And congratulations to my fellow council peeps for their amazing planning!


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