Monday Blues and Transport Woes

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Every monday, i wake up to face a new week. Every single monday, i think of the tortuous 9am-6pm day ahead, and the four more after that. With that knowledge, i have to draaaaggggg my lazy self out of the warmest, most comfortable bed, brush my teeth, grab my obscenely heavy bag and scram out of house.

But monday blues are manageable. Somehow once you get settled into the routine of lectures, pracs, tutorials etc, the day just flies past, and its time to go home (to all the readings and homework). The most annoying thing about going to school, is actually the commute.

It takes me an hour and a half to get to school, and the same amount of time to get back home. Each train ride is a risk i’m taking. Leaving house just on time and I risk getting into Shiek’s PT1105. SMRT breaks down so often, i’m convinced that i should invest in a jet pack simply to get to school. Gosh golly, they look so darn cool in the movies.

Regardless, I love what i do (studying to be a physio, not travelling around on SMRT. in case anyone’s not sure) , and i came up with stuff to do on the journeys to and from school.

#1 Reply emails, check twitter, check facebook,check on last night’s EPL/champion league score, read the latest news etc.
Yep. no better time to do it when you’re stoning on the train. But reading last night’s match report only takes so long. Sometimes matches just aren’t as exciting as Chelsea vs Barca or penalty shootouts in the Bayern-Real game. Sometimes they’re just about as exciting as Liverpool versus whoever’s in the bottom half of the EPL table. Not very interesting. That leaves me with alot more time to kill on the train.

#2 Practice observation skills
Here’s how it works for me. I grab a seat on the circle line, put on my oakleys and start staring. Sitting posture, standing posture, abnormalities, or any random stuff sometimes catches your eye. For people without reflective shades.. you might get some awkward looks. On the other hand, if its a cute guy/girl, you might wna stare more 😉

#3 Practice gait analysis
Gait analysis was a horror  for me during CE2A. So why not practice it on the other zombies around you in the morning? Never hurts to try.  The problem is, unless you have another physio for company, you can’t ask the person next to you ‘eh so…. wekosiajofek  mlwrerow nwoejo skflasjwe rnwero etc’

#4 Catch up on various readings
You know sometimes when you get home, you open your email and you see that nice, bold lettering that signifies an unread email, and it says ‘WK___ CP ___________’ and you close the tab immediately so you can pretend that you never saw it and hence don’t have to read it? yeah well.. I get so bored on the train sometimes that I’d rather read the readings than be bored a second longer. Plus it feels pretty good to have the delusion that you’re actually kind of productive and learning stuff on the way to school (and thats only if you don’t fall asleep while you’re only 1/8 of the way through the 20 page reading. )

Most of the time, it’s what i do. ‘Nuff said


If this is Bishan MRT station on a good day, imagine the bad days. I think many people are familiar with this!

So, happy end of week 2 everyone! we have…….wait for it…….16 more weeks in the semester to go!


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