Hello Goodbye

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Another batch of our beloved seniors have graduated! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2012, ALL THE BEST IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVOURS!!! ❤

I don’t know if you saw them but most were beaming as they donned the graduation gowns, looking sharp as ever. I couldn’t help but wonder how i’d feel when three years has passed and i’m walking out the gates of NYP. Ecstatic? Nervous? Excited? A strong sense of nostalgia for sure. Man do i reaaaally want to make these 3 years a good one. Working life, oh it still bothers me.

Okay back to reality there’s a long way to go. It’s the end of week 6! Which means 2 more weeks to our June break. Oh the excitement. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself there are still presentations, practicals and a whole lot of project meetings to settle, but i think the break serves as a good motivation to get everything done, no? Sure you could argue that it’s a study break, but it’s still a breather from school, i have no complaints 😀 Some people are already in the midst of organizing class trips overseas during the September holidays. EXCITE. You always need something to look forward to or school would feel so meaningless!

Meanwhile, all the best to the year 1s and 2s who will be busy with practicals and presentations, and the year 3s whom i presume are busy slogging over their FYPs!

Oh yes, before i forget, has everyone seen the new cohort shirts we are planning to print? The 3rd SPSC has decided to add a twist to our already fabulous navy PHYSIO shirts by adding some colour to it! Check out the hot pink and yellow versions on a black base and rainbow on either black/white  base and submit your orders asap.

On a side note, do remember to register for the amazing food race we’re organizing. It’s going to be a great time of getting to know fellow aspiring physiotherapists from other cohorts as you work together to locate some of the good food around Singapore! We’re going to make things fun by adding games, so take a day off to join us now, what say you?



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