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Friends, Racial Harmony Day is coming! It’s all about diversity, so we’ve come up with new colours for our very own physiotherapy tshirts while keeping the old design from the 1st SPSC! (I’m just kidding, we didn’t come up with new colours just for Racial Harmony Day) 
We wanted to inject some fun in, yet at the same time, keep the original design so as to imbue a sense of belonging in all the physio students out there!
After much discussion and polling and more discussion and more voting, we’ve finally finalized the awesome new colours for the shirts! We now have hot pink with black base (so hot!), bright yellow with black base (so bright!), rainbow on black and white bases (so pretty!) and… we’ve brought back the turquoise wordings from the first generation shirts by the 1st SPSC, whoohooo! Ahhh SO NICE RIGHT!! (grabs hair)
The tshirts were sold at $10 each for SPA members and $12 each for non-SPA members. Our total sales was 269 shirts, a big thank you to all who supported us! The sales analysis is as follows:
Total: Year 3s: 27
          Year 2s: 89
          Year 1s: 144
          Lecturers: 9
We’ll be receiving the shirts by 2nd week of July (just in time for Racial Harmony Day which is on 21 July), can’t wait to get the shirts, hope you’re excited too! 😀

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