Hang In There Everyone

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The 2 week mid semester break was always too short. It’s just tough to strike a balance of time with buddies, time with girlfriend and time with family, agree? There is always this familiar sinking feeling with my buddies (back from JC and army days) still in their long uni break right till August while me and my fellow physio comrades have to pluck ourselves back to school. “So soon?” is always the first most obvious thought on my mind.

Stepping into the final stretch of 1st semester in year 2, we come face to face with a huge challenge before us with multiple Practical exams coming up (yes, those 1-to-1 exams only for the brave hearted). Coming up – Cardiopulmonary practical, EPA (electrophysical agents) practical, musculoskeletal practical, neuroscience practical. All this on top of Statistics, Neurophysiology and Communication theory papers! Physiotherapy can be fulfilling, though studying it can get draining, it’s equally necessary for the knowledge we will need. We must get through this 2 week, fighting!

Council also had been busy with meet ups with the new adult council of Singapore Physiotherapy Association and conducting our interview for next council. More to come from us, stay tuned here for updates!




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