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For the past one and a half years, being in NYP has been eye-opening.The learning culture has been eye-opening indeed. The learning culture and the subject matters has captured my imagination how physiotherapy is in the real world especially with the different skills and techniques taught by our fellow lecturers. Yet, struggles at school has challenged me each day to face my insecurities and sense of identity. But still, I hold on to my faith and run towards my goal, which is to graduate and work as a physiotherapist.


I guess many of us are really feeling the stress each day as we know that our exams are nearing the corner and some may even have the idea to drop out of the course. But guess what, it’s another one and a half months to the end of the exams !!! HANG ON !!! Let’s think positive for now. As a physiotherapist, we get to find a job easily unlike those who has a degree in a local university .In additional, I remember reading an article a few months ago that even those who graduated for NTU chinese medicine has a problem looking out for a job. So, we must really be grateful that we are in this course ! The another way we can motivate ourselves is to ask ourselves why do we want to get into this course (don’t give me the reason that is due to your A level results, you had no other choices but to then up here. But I question you again, then why did you even bother thinking about this route ? ). There is always a reason why you want to be in this course ? As for me, one simple reason, to help those who having disabilities to get back to their functional abilities. So i urge you to recall back why you what to study this course at the very beginning ?  




4 thoughts on “Why?

    Yuk-lin Ong said:
    August 10, 2012 at 3:18 PM

    Actually, I’m not making a comment here but really don’t know how else to contact this group – are these your coursemates? They went to Whampoa CC on Sunday 29 July to enroll elderly folk into a remote-supervision (by Skype) programme for 6 weeks, after which there’d be an in-person follow-up 6 weeks later. The group wanted to get people to come again to Whampoa CC on Sunday 5 August to assess their present level of strength and to be given the appropriate level of resistance band (Thera-band?). I left my name and contact number, saying I couldn’t make it for 5 Aug, and was told I’d be contacted the following week for a personal assessment and session at Compass Point, near where I live. Instead, there’s been silence. My acquaintance rushed to Whampoa CC to catch the NYP Theraband group but they weren’t there. I called Whampoa CC, and Mr Hu Zheng Hua said he’ll pass my name and phone number, but again, I haven’t heard from anyone. This really seems like a phantom group. Will anyone from the group contact me? I called NYP Dept of Health or Nursing but the lady on the line says this isn’t an official NYP group so she doesn’t know who to contact.

      SPSC responded:
      August 10, 2012 at 6:05 PM


      We’re the students’ council of physiotherapy students at NYP. I can help you to ask around to see whether any of our students has contacted you with regards to the theraband assessment. Could you give me a few days to revert back to you? I’m waiting for their replies now. I’ll get them to revert back to you at this email address.


      SPSC responded:
      August 10, 2012 at 9:23 PM

      Hi again,

      Our senior Samantha should have already contacted you with regards to the assessment. Thanks for supporting them for their final year project!


        SPSC responded:
        August 11, 2012 at 12:15 AM

        Hi Yuk Lin,

        Our senior Samantha has tried contacting you but she hasn’t received a reply from you yet. Please do get back to her when you’re free. I’ve already given her your updated details.


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