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The HOLIDAYS are here!! The long awaited break from a tiring semester is finally here! This is a time where we have a good break, all the fun and also a time of self-reflection. Reflection on how we have performed in all our practical exams, class tests or on our character. Having these self-reflections should enable us to reach a level of betterment in our lives.

With this concept of self-reflection in mind, it would be a perfect time to reflect on the events the council has done in the past few months. Through this, it would enable us, as a council, to review our achievements and shortcomings so as to reach greater heights in the next few months of our term. They were a challenging few months with academic commitments but the council pulled through with many notable events organised for the students’ benefit.

The council organised the first Physiotherapy specific Orientation for the Year 1s. It was actively participated by the Year 1s and positive feedbacks were received from them. Following this event, talks were organised over the next few weeks such as the Inservice Talk by our lecturer Fauzan, a career talk on working in the public and private sector and a scholarship talk. Another big change the council did was to revamp the Singapore Physiotherapy Association’s Student Membership. Upon approval from the Registry of Societies, the council is going to kick-start the new membership scheme which we hope will be highly beneficial to the students. We capped off the event list for this semester with the Amazing Race event. Although the turn-up rates weren’t high, the event went through and it gave us a very good learning experience on the shortcomings we faced which we will definitely keep in mind while planning for our future events.

The council is going to continue to work hard to plan more events for the student body such as an inter-cohort bonding activity in the upcoming months. So do show us your support!

With this I wish everyone a wonderful holiday on behalf of the entire council! Cheers!



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