National Congress!

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Its the holidays!!! I’m sure everyone has been resting up, apart from the Year 3s who are on clinicals. All the way! You’re almost there!
We just had Physiotherapy Day which was held in conjunction with the SPA (Singapore Physiotherapy Association) National Congress on the 8-9th September. I volunteered for it and was helping out with registration! For those who have never heard of a congress before, there are usually talks and workshops organised. There were talks regarding topics such as how to design a resistance training program for elite athletes and treatment of musculoskeletal spinal disorders in geriatric patients. Very useful for our ageing population! 
My day began at 7am at Conrad Centennial Hotel. I was at the registration booth and we basically had to give out certificates, goodie bags, tags and take attendance! It was a very busy first hour or so as the participants came one after another to register! As we had participants and speakers from all over the world it was very interesting getting to meet them! 
The council was mainly involved in helping to pack goodie bags the day before and volunteer for the congress. Did i mention we got to eat our meals at Conrad too? 🙂 Overall it was an enjoyable experience.
Use your holidays wisely, you won’t get such relaxing one in time to come! Take time to do hobbies you like, for me i’ve been scrapbooking! Its a very time consuming hobby but very therapeutic! 😀 Enjoy the remainder of the holidays friends!

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