Council Retreat 2012

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The past one year has flown by like the wind. Soon, it will be time to pass on the baton to the new year ones who have so kindly volunteered their services to be part of the 4th Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council (SPSC)

To prepare the new members for what is to come, the student council held a retreat from the 1stof Oct to the 3rd. During the 1st day of retreat, the 3rd SPSC shared the successes and setbacks faced while planning and carrying out events. As I listened to my fellow council members presenting, I realised that through serving in this council, we have all grown in confidence and the initial fear of heading an event has definitely ebbed away. I also noticed that within the past one year, the 3rd SPSC has helped organized numerous events for both the students and the adult student council.

On the 2nd night, a barbecue was held. Camaraderie was in the air as the old and new council members bonded over the smoke, flames and food. It was definitely a joy to see everyone mixing together.

Soon, it was time to head home. I hope the 4th SPSC has learnt what they need to know from us though the list has not been exhausted. The journey itself will teach you many new things about yourself.

Personally, joining the student council was a good decision. I have grown to have more confidence and most importantly, I have made new friends who have made school life more fun. I will always remember those meetings where I emerge feeling lighter and happier because of the fun jokes that were made J

I would also like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate and thank the 4th SPSC on being brave to take on the role of serving your fellow aspiring physiotherapists.



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