Reaching the end of the tunnel.

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Time really does fly, doesn’t it? Just 2 more months till the Semester ends. To think that just one year ago, most of us would be still having our holidays with the completion of ‘A’ levels…

It has been quite a frustrating semester, if I do say so myself. Increase in intensity of course content, practicals packed all so “nicely” together within a duration of 5 days, and not to mention that schedules are hectic as we are still struggling to efficiently juggle between Council work and studies (though mostly due to planning that didn’t go as smoothly as expected). In just one week, we will be sitting for our semestral exams, and within another few more will be time for our clinical 2A.

But that isn’t to say we should just throw in the towel and wash our hands over it. We didn’t come into this course to slack, let alone council. We should have known this by hard after months of being in this course, and that it’s only going to get tougher with increase in course content AND the number of modules.

Take our beloved seniors for example. Just recently, they had their Final Year Project Presentation on 01/02/2013, which they had spend the whole of their 3rd year researching on their given topics. All the long discussions and countless editing, all the testing and data collecting, all the sweat and effort put in for this one event. And I must say, they shone brightly with their smart suits and pretty dresses.

(Our prez feeling stress helping to take the Year 3 photos. Hey, it rhymes!)

And if you think this is their final event, you are wrong. They still have their finals coming up next week. Crazy? That’s an understatement that does not even remotely justify the brink of this iceberg..

But look at it this way. Our seniors did, as did their Seniors did, so what makes it any different for us? It’s coming towards the end of the semester, so we should pump in the last of our efforts to persevere through this ordeal. This is going to be a long journey, but we definitely can make it.

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

On behalf of the 4th SPSC, I would like to wish all students good luck for your Finals, and we will see you (especially Year 3s) in Feb for your Graduation Dinner.



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