The journey is the reward.

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Education is not filling a pail, but rather lighting a fire, and how brilliantly that fire shone on 23rd February 2013.


The 4th SPSC is proud to announce that Odyssey 2013 was a success! We have had our fair share of setbacks but perseverance paid off and the many words of appreciation we received from the year 3s was heart warming indeed.

Just a quick introduction, Odyssey 2013 was put into motion late last year in 2012. Being the first ever graduation dinner planned by the Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council (SPSC) and Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA), there was pressure. Lots of it. And I can safely say we were practically drowning in it along with the stream of tests and examinations heading our way.

Settling the venue, finalising the budget, what door gifts, get sponsors, settling the venue, how to go about invitations, where to find performances, who will be emcees, settling the venue, what theme, is there a need for a theme, program list, SETTLING THE VENUE. WHAT DOOR GIFTS. ARGHHHHH. FUWEOIFJSDNPVONS.

Yes. It was very fustrating.

What can one do but keep calm and carry on. Sure there were occasions that really ticked us off, but I’m sure it all seemed worth it by the end of the night. If I could summarise what this experience has been to the 4th SPSC, I would say it was one that really put us to the test and pushed us beyond our limits. Odyssey 2013 was fun though. I know I had a great night. The year 3s were very supportive and the 4th SPSC cannot thank them enough for coming. We were ecstatic with the response we received. It drove us on.


Odyssey 2013 was held at Mana Mana Beach Club at East Coast Park. Yes it was quite a distance! We provided shuttle bus services from Bugis though, hoped it helped! 


Here we have Yee Lyen, Jia Qian (above), Vivian and Yee Ching (below) working on registration.


The year 3s at Registration:







Photos from the rest of the night:


Jolene and Afiqah having their dinner.


From the left to the right we have Cherie, Yee Ching, Jia Qian, Vivian, Jia Ying and Yan Rong.


Emcees were Anjelica (me) and Jonathan who so kindly volunteered to be my co-emcee for the night despite not being part of the student council.


Our performer for the night was Jolyn who did an amazing rendition of 2 songs.

Here are some more photos from the rest of the night!






_DSC2381 _DSC2404














Finally to end of the night, we had ourselves a very cosy pledge recital. Yes, we have The Physiotherapist Pledge, it’s new 😉 Nothing does the trick like a solemn binding promise to be all a physio should be.














Following the recital we had the closing speech, some lovely surprise cupcakes from SPA, and good old-fashion cam-whoring sessions.














Here’s to the PT10, year 3s of 2012, for having survived and conquered the best and the worst. The 4th SPSC would like to congratulate you, for all that you have done and all that you will do. Honestly, where would the world be without physical therapists?

A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.



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