It’s more than just study.

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Just a short little post to keep this blog alive. The second week of semester 1 is coming to an end! I suppose it’s just human nature to be looking forward to the weekends. But I’m not saying the last couple of days were unbearable and I just can’t wait to sleep in and get my Saturday night groove on.


I swear you’d get bashed if you dress like that nowadays. Excuse the deviation, I couldn’t resist the grooviness that is John Travolta. And if you don’t know who he is..*throws a Grease CD at you* HERE. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

What I’m trying to say, in all honesty, is that I have never been so motivated. And it’s not all for grades, mugging and all that nerdy habits we have to cultivate. I developed a new perspective of things, I built a passion for what I’m doing and what I will be doing. I love this course, more than I ever had since I first started. And all you need is an open mind, a willingness to learn, and an altruistic heart.

Study because you want this knowledge, don’t study because it’s a competition. Because real learning starts when the competitive spirit has ceased. Yes mug when you have to, this is not an easy course, but how you look at things matter in maintaining your motivation. After my clinical attachments in March, being in this course has taken a whole new meaning for me. And all it took was a sit-to-stand with a lovable Ah Ma (old lady). If I could describe what her smile meant to me, I would.

So learn hard year 1s, and persevere year 2s & 3s, because the satisfaction you’ll obtain will be worth every single semester of your student life. That old Ah Ma’s smile will be forever etched in my mind, proving to me that I’m where I’m suppose to be. So find that one thing that is driving you on, and hold it close.

Bring it on Semester 1 of 2013. Bring it on.



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