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My very first blog post! Hello everybady~! Hope our readers are enjoying the entries by us 🙂 It’s nearly a month since school started and I hope everyone’s coping well! Year 1s should be getting used to the environment and the new modules by now, Year 2s are trying to stay afloat for CP, NP, MSP and EPA lectures and practicals (or for me at least) and I’m sure that the Year 3s are making good progress in their FYP. Hang in there! One more month to term break 😉

Anyway, to our year 1s, remember Afiqah mentioned something to you about 5th SPSC during orientation? It’s okay even if you don’t as I’m here to refresh your memory on what was said, heh 🙂


We are looking for fellow juniors who are interested to be part of SPSC! (short for Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council for those who’re still clueless)

Who are we?

We are a fun bunch of physio students who have a burning passion in serving the student body. We make subtle yet impactful difference in a physio student’s life!  To quote Afiqah in her earlier post, “We are not your ordinary sai kang warriors. We are an all-rounded organization”. To understand it, one has to be in it and experience it.

What do we do?

We organize events such as Orientation for the Y1s, Graduation Dinner for the Y3s and Sports Carnival for everyone. We appreciate our teacher’s efforts by planning something for Teachers’ Appreciation Day. We help to coordinate the 2nd Hand Book Sale and other book orders to make things easier for everyone. We also look at everybody’s timetable to find a good slot for occasional Educational Talks. (join us to find out more!)

Why join us?

Firstly, besides getting discounted price for educational talks, you get to expand your social networking circle in the World of Physiotherapy. This will come in very useful for you in future once you step into the working world.

Secondly, you get a very good mentor from the main SPA (Singapore Physiotherapy Association) Council, who can give you tips to guide you through your academic journey and beyond.

Lastly, you learn a lot more than what the school or the profession can teach, I call them Essential Life Skills. Again, from Afiqah’s post, “You learn about yourself, about others, about human interactions”. But most importantly, you learn how to deal with situations.

You guys can doubt me for now, but do not judge the council based on what it does, or judge any of us in it. There is a reason why each of us are in the council and the reasons differ from person to person. For me, I see it as a platform to learn and grow as a person, to handle the pre-working-adult-life issues to prepare me into the working world.

Alrighty, I’ve rambled too much (oops!) but I guess I’ve pretty much said my peace. Do take some time to consider joining us! We’re looking for people who are dedicated and are receptive to learning (yes, I have learnt truckloads through half a service term). So don’t hesitate to approach any of the councillors if you want to find out more about us 🙂 We’re always happy to help!

Just a note: I’ll be going to see you guys sometime this week after your lecture to speak to y’all about this, and handing out registration forms at the same time. And remember to return the forms to us by 24th May!



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