4th Asia Physical Therapy Student Association (APTSA) Congress

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Hi everyone! How have you been doing? Fine, I hope! 🙂

Just wanted to share with you all something from the APTSA! They are having their 4th Congress this year in Taiwan, from the 3rd – 6th of September. For more information, here are screenshots of the invitation letter for you to refer to!






Pretty sure this would be an amazing experience!!
And…how do I know that?? Well, last month, I had the privilege of meeting Niney, the President of APTSA, together with her friends and colleagues! (below are some photos!) They were really hospitable and welcoming, and shared a fair bit of APTSA. I admired how committed they were to it, given that the members are representatives of various countries. Guess long-distance relationships do work after all, aye? Jokes aside, I personally would love to go, if not for the  unfortunate clash of events during those dates. So please, to those of you out there who want to and CAN afford to go, PLEASE JUST GO AHEAD AND SIGN UP ALREADY! 😀


With Niney 🙂


With Lin and Pon!


For further information, clarification, or any queries about the 4th APTSA Congress, do refer them to 4aptsa@gmail.com!

Spread the word! 😉


Thanks and all the best to everyone for exams and clinicals!!




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