The start of something new

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The school holidays are behind us; shoved aside by the new semester with all the indifference of a big bad bully. Sitting anxiously in the lecture theatres, students will once again take up pen, paper and camera phone in a futile attempt to capture the flood of new knowledge that threatens to drown the minds of the unprepared. Every exam tip thrown out by the very generous (and good-looking) lecturers (All hail!) will once again be pounced upon like vultures to a carcass. Between lectures, the corridors of Blocks H, J and K will once again become a hive of activity, with students zipping zestfully to their next destination; buzzing blissfully about the best deals in town, the latest episodes of their favourite television programme (Kwang Soo Daebak!) or about some people’s constant need to put food in their stomachs (Yes, you know who you are).

These all-too-familiar sights have found a warm, cosy abode in my heart. And although it has only been one semester, I already feel like I am a part of this community of professionals who are really passionate about what they do. But while I take comfort that some things will still stay the same, change is inevitable.

The next couple of semesters will be exciting for the 5th student’s council as we negotiate the trials and challenges of continuing the good work of the councils before us, while forging an identity of our own. For the year 3s, we are stoked to be planning your Graduation Dinner & Dance which will take place early next year. (More details will be released soon, so watch out for it!) For the year 1s and 2s, we will do our best to organise activities that represent your interests (suggestions are always welcome), so continue to lend us your support!

The next few years will also be thrilling for all physiotherapists and aspiring physiotherapists alike because the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress  will be held in Singapore in May 2015! This event only takes place once every 4 years and it will be the 1st time it is held in Singapore (and only the 2nd time in an Asian country) since its inception.

Well, that’s it for now, have a great semester everyone!

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