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Career Switch

Change comes in many forms. Often it is a quote we read, a story we hear or an event we witness. For me, it was a career switch to become a physiotherapist.

I completed my degree and was working. However, the unsatisfactory life drove me to ponder about the missed opportunities, and deliberate about returning to study. When I chanced upon the Professional Conversion Programme, or PCP in short, I decided to send in my application and give it a try. This is a programme for working adults who are considering switching to an allied health career.

The first phase of the application process was a stringent screening of potential candidates over interviews. It was, in fact, the crucial trigger to my internal warfare. I began challenging myself to all the realities of life – a pay cut, returning to school, polarizing views from my family and friends and many more. Furthermore, the long wait for a reply did not make it easier. I continually re-evaluated my decision.

Unfortunately, my parents were not as keen as I hoped. They questioned the need for a diploma course despite having completed a degree. My family, along with other friends, highlighted the pain and financial worries that might come along with a pay cut. I became dumbfounded for I was unsure as well.

Eventually, I received a call from a hospital to attend a one-day attachment. This golden opportunity shed some light on a physiotherapist’s job. I also made small talk with the approachable and helpful physiotherapist whom I was attached with. She gladly shared insight of what to expect if I were to become a physiotherapist myself. I also found out that the hospital that contacted me is, in fact, my prospective sponsoring hospital. Having gone through a day of observation, I was affirmed to take up the PCP scholarship as it all boiled down to whether I liked what I saw.

The most difficult part of making a career change late in life is the multiple adjustments required of me. I made mindset changes and after that, everything else seemed to fall into place. My confidence demonstrated to everyone, especially my parents, to place trust in my decision. Furthermore, school had also turned out pretty well!

I made the change for my life. For those who are keen, I do understand some of your worries. However, it truly takes a load of risk and an armory of courage to take the leap. No one single survival kit would prepare all individuals to what they may experience. But, I hope what I have shared would help in some way!

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2 thoughts on “PCP Application

    Clara said:
    November 28, 2013 at 11:07 PM

    Hi, would like to know if there is anyone who signed up for the pcp did the 1 day attachment but not with their prospective sponsor hospital?

      SPASC responded:
      November 29, 2013 at 11:32 AM

      Hi, Clara. The 1-day attachment is arranged by WDA and sponsoring institutions which are considering your application. In fact, I attended the 1-day attachment with an institution which is not one of my preferred 3 choices. Hope this clarifies your question.

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