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On 6th November 2013, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) club organized the exciting Creativity, Innovation and Enterprising(CIE) day. Students from all across SHS such as nursing, dentistry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social work participated to make CIE day a successful and fun-filled one.


Many people, including those outside of SHS, came down to support the event. Students could choose to patronise the booths or just sit down at the atrium to enjoy the various performances.

There were several opportunities to participate in CIE day itself, ranging from submitting innovative ideas pertaining to silver industries & ageing issues online, performing in Talent Time, participating in Innovation Challenge where participants were given a problem and set time to present it to booths.

What sets this day apart from all the other seemingly similar set up was that participants had to submit proposals and only the most innovative of ideas were accepted. Hence, it was no wonder that the variety the booths offered were markedly different from the kind that we were accustomed to seeing. The students were given financial support by the organisers to set up the booths.


Our very own physiotherapy students did very well, making us proud by clinching first place in the booth category, talentime and online submission of ideas.

PT1301 impressed teachers and students alike with their cleverly designed haunted house coupled with a polaroid photobooth-complete with ghosts to pose with- to remember the experience by. Their haunted house was actually a haunted hospital, and in light of the fact that the participating audience were from SHS, visitors had to answer anatomy and other medical related questions while going through the haunted hospital in a bid to save the patient.

They put in a commendable effort, and started their preparation early the day before, staying back after school to give one of our PT labs a complete makeover. They also welcomed feedback and continuously refined their haunted hospital to make it better and scarier. It was so overwhelmingly popular that they barely had time to eat lunch, and even after the closing ceremony, there were last minute requests to visit the much talked about haunted house. They also supplemented their efforts with heavily made up ‘ghosts’ to publicise their haunted house which undoubtedly contributed to their huge draw. PT1301’s haunted hospital was clearly a crowd favourite and their win was very much deserved.


A group of 5 talented girls from PT1303 emerged winners of the Talent Time component of CIE day. They put up a crowd-pleasing performance called ‘Fusion of Friendship’ which wowed the judges with their eclectic mix of singing, dancing, and wushu. Supporters made up 30% of the scoring criteria and their fans did not disappoint.

Some of the girls’ classmates came prepared with homemade boards and one of them even carried the board and ran across the stage to garner support. This is what Xin Le, class representative of PT1303 and one of the performers had to say about performing Fusion of Friendship, “Super scary! But it was exciting and I felt thankful because even though, we are a small PT group, we got a lot of support from lecturers, classmates and other SHS groups on the ground to cheer and support us.”

Another one of the performers had this to add on, “I felt very nervous to perform onstage with the other 4 because (the performances) before us got alot of technical problems. Like we are playing instruments and singing live, (so we were) scared of alot of echoing in the atrium. But it’s a very different and cool experience, (because) when else can you see guitarist, singer, pianist, dancer, and wushu come together? It’s like celebrating our different talents and like not giving up. We all have things which we are good at and not so good at.” Wise words, indeed.


It was a pleasing sight to see students from the different PT classes coming down to support the participants. It was especially heartwarming to see our normally serious and extremely busy lecturers taking time out of their day to support the booths and performances. All in all, it was a memorable day for everyone to enjoy the day off and essentially bond with their batchmates and school mates. Kudos to the SHS club for spearheading such a large scale event such as CIE day!

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For more pictures of CIE day, visit here.

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