Trying our hand at sports massage

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Editor’s Note: We do other activities besides just going for lessons. Here’s an event we participated that was both fun and enriching!

The day was Sunday, the 1st of December 2013. I awoke to the cacophony of multiple alarm clocks going off simultaneously. A necessity, thanks to my astounding ability to maintain slumber amidst the insignificant din of a solitary alarm clock. It is an ability that had been honed through decades of instinctively slapping the snooze button; evolved to its preeminent form.

Stumbling about my room and into my clothes, I steeled myself for the gruelling event ahead. The day had finally arrived.

I set forth from my house, as eager as the proverbial beaver, with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. Reaching the Padang around 7.30 am in the morning, I strode over to a cluster of white tents to register my attendance and receive my official T-shirt. Along the way, I passed by a banner which read “Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013”.

But unlike the sea of blue tank-tops that flowed and ebbed about me, I was not a participant in this year’s marathon. I was a volunteer who was to provide recovery sports massage for the marathoners. It was to be an interesting and enriching experience all the same.

Under one of the larger tents, rows upon rows of massage beds were quickly filled with tired, toned torsos. More than 70 physiotherapy students started employing the techniques we learnt to appease the aching muscles of the athletes. It was reminiscent of a scene from a war movie. Except that instead of uniforms and war medals, these courageous individuals wore the pride of completing a full 42.195 km upon their chests.

Soon, the lines to the massage tent had thinned and eventually vanished altogether. I was exhausted but satisfied. There is much to be said about how rewarding helping someone else can be, but if hearing the words ‘thank you’ is icing on the cake, then that day I was on a sugar high from receiving it in abundance.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I would definitely want to do it again.

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Pictures taken by Jeremy Tiong:

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