Welcome SIT Physiotherapy Freshmen!

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Hello SIT Physiotherapy Freshies!

It is finally the mid-week of the first week of school! How are all of you feeling? Excited? Can’t wait to get into the lectures proper and start on the tutorials? The SPASC hope that all of you are adapting well thus far and having a great time getting to know your peers and lecturers!

We hoped that all of you had a great time with us during the session last Tuesday and that the game session on Anatomy was a booster that will aid you in learning the basics of Physiotherapy! With that being said, how many of you have got your hands physio-related resources? If you have yet to get your hands on any of those materials fret not! The SPASC is here to help!

The SPASC would like to get all the freshies to spare a minute and think about the reasons on why did you decide to study Physiotherapy and choose it as your future career. Is it because of the rehabilitation of a family member, relatives or friends that introduced you to Physiotherapy? Feeling helpless when someone close to you is affected by a condition? Wanting to help others regain their body function after an accident or stroke?

Remember the reason on why you decide to study Physiotherapy, and keep that fire/motivation alive inside you! It is never an easy journey as healthcare professionals, but the satisfaction that we get by monitoring and observing as the patients’ condition improve as time goes by that keeps us going from day to day!

SPA Student Membership

For those of you that have yet to sign up for the SPA Student Membership, we strongly recommend and hope that you will sign up soon! As mentioned during the session last Tuesday, you will be able to attend courses held by SPA at a lower price or even free-of-charge if you are a SPA Student member! Some of these courses includes TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), EPA (Electrophysical Agents) like the use of TENS, NMES in rehabilitation and Ultrasound Imaging. All of these sounds really interesting isn’t?

With an association representing Physiotherapists in Singapore and having the chance to attend courses/workshops/lectures outside of your curriculum exposes you to the different fields of Physiotherapy, what more can you ask for? You can also be a part of the SPASC too! Do sign up now and enjoy the perks of being a SPA Student member!

Singapore Physiotherapy Association

Click on the following link to sign up as a SPA Student Member!

Student Membership (New Application)


We are also having a second round of recruitment for the SPASC! If you are looking for ways to learn event management, honing your skills as a leader, like to work with a group of people, gaining a wider exposure to Physiotherapy in Singapore, Asia and other parts of the world, SPASC will be a good start for you!

By being members of the SPASC, you are representing the Physiotherapy students in Singapore and get a chance to attend the monthly SPA meeting! What is more is that you will be the first batch of SPASC from SIT! You will be able to  work together with the SPA Council on projects that involves the Physiotherapy Community in Singapore, as well as organising courses and workshops (Kinesio-Taping, Tissue Massage, etc) that are in the interest of the students. You will also get to plan events for the students and lecturers such as the PT Sports Day, Welfare Day, PT Staff Appreciation Day, etc!

We are also members of the APTSA (Asian Physical Therapy Student Association) and our International/Asian Relation Representatives work together with them to plan the annual APTSA congress!

However to be part of the SPASC, we will need you to be a SPA Student member. Recruitment is from Wednesday to Saturday (7th to 10th September 2016)! We hope that you will sign up and join us soon!

Stay tune for more updates coming your way in the next few weeks!

Signing off,


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