Meet Daryl, the President. Once a Saint always a Saint right? Or so they say. No prizes for guessing where Daryl comes from. Formally an aircrew specialist in the airforce conducting search and rescue missions, Daryl doesnt think twice before jumping in to helping people. Perhaps it was the sense of pride that came with saving lives or the fact that many of his colleagues needed therapy that sparked off his interest in Physiotherapy, we’ll never know.

Daryl’s forthcoming nature allows him to question the unquestionable and challenge the boundaries, bringing his team to greater breakthroughs. He enjoys working with the elderly and plans to specialize in geriatric therapy someday.

John F. Kennedy once said, “We need men who can dream of things that never were.” Daryl is often caught in thought, thinking of ways to maximize himself or simply just day dreaming but who can blame him when he’s a man of many commitments. Daryl is a strong believer that growth only comes about by stretching and this is an important lesson he learnt as a physiotherapy student.

No pain no gain, right?

Meet Karilyn, the Vice-President. Previously from Temasek JC with her dirty mouldy green uniform, she was always lazing in that cosy corner of TJC called the council room, where she built many of her wonderful college memories with her amazing friends. There’s probably why she feels something towards being part of a council!

She never thought of being called a “physiotherapist” one day.  Initially, all she wanted was a job that doesn’t restrict her to a table from 9 to 5. Replace that table of paperwork with something interactive and meaningful. An accidental stumble upon the HPB booth seems to have brought her into the world of physiotherapy. And ta-dah!  here she is now! a student in NYP and part of this wonderful council 😀

You cant tell a book by its cover.  Though Karilyn may look like someone who is not people-friendly with her inherited stern looks (nth she can do about itL), she is often the victim of bully instead of the big bully! She is totally harmless or maybe just a little on the side of being a noisy rascal as her classmates claimed.

Maybe being a little imp since young, she seems to have infinite connections with kids. She ABSOLUTELY loves the energy and innocence in these kids and hopes that she can play a small role in these little live.

Pediatrics is the way to go! Being able to bring others joy and relive their lives is her dose of joy each day to love her life!

“You don’t have to be a megamind to do something big. You just have to be a minimind to do something small that touches the hearts of people from all walks of life”-ME

Meet Tamlyn, the secretary! She was previously from SAJC. She’s proud to be a true blue Saint too, having donned the greendots for 10 years and the cool blue and white uniform for 2 years! Up and On!

Contrary to popular belief, Tamlyn does not actually enjoy doing household chores (she’s justbeing helpful!). She doesn’t intend to be a rich tai-tai BUT aspires to be a physiotherapist that healswith her hands and cares with her heart! She enjoys working with little kids and hopes to be ableto explore the area of paediatric physiotherapy in the future. Or maybe dance physiotherapy aswell, ‘cause she absolutely loves ballet!

Almost a year on into the course, learning anatomy and physiology has constantly amazed her withthe complexities of human life and has allowed her to appreciate it so much more. We’re all sowonderfully and fearfully made!
Tamlyn feels so blessed to be part of this amazing profession and believes we’re all in it for a specialreason and purpose-to bless others!

Meet Clare, the Public Relations officer ! She already had her heart set on physiotherapy when she was only halfway through J1 in Catholic Junior College. She had always dreamt of being in a profession that is meaningful (and of course not forgetting that since physios are always on their feet, she wouldn’t grow fat! :P). Having been through one semester in NYP physiotherapy, she is very sure that this is the career for her!

One very valuable lesson that Clare has learnt so far is that physiotherapy is 30% physical therapy and 70% psychotherapy. In the journey of recovery or maintenance, a physiotherapist plays a large role in encouraging patients and bringing them hope so that they can ultimately help us to help them. Physiotherapy is not all about manually rehabilitating patients, but also befriending them and building their faith in recovery and in life.

However, on a practical and less serious note, Clare loves how the job provides regular working hours and a decent pay cheque that can give her a comfortable life!

Choosing physiotherapy allows Clare to earn sufficient moolah and ensures a good work-life balance to fulfil her other dream of having a wonderful family of her own AND working at the same time, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

Meet Yilin, the treasurer! Before entering this course, she was from Anderson Junior College. Even though this was not a normal ‘A’ level route, she has not looked back since.

She was inspired by her physiotherapist when she was under rehab after suffering from an injury during one of the trainings.
“I would like be there for the patients to help them in their road to recovery. Like what my physiotherapist did. Getting me back to my feet.”
Another reason for wanting to become a physiotherapy- it’s not another 9-5 desk job which will bore her.
Yi Lin enjoys interacting with people and would like to specialise in either sports or pediatrics.
And here she is pursuing what she has always wanted. 🙂 Constantly amazed with how complex and efficient we are being made.  Do say HI to her if you see her! ^^

Meet Adeline. Previously from nyjc, Adeline enjoys dabbling in a myriad of things. She derives interest from exploring new grounds, immersing herself in new experiences and most of all, meeting new people. Every new encounter is like a  wisp of fresh breath of air to her.

What she loves most about physiotherapy is the one-to-one interaction and the quality time she is able to spend with her patients.
‘To truly treat a patient, you don’t just go through with effective procedures, you need to get through to the heart.’

So don’t just be a mere passing face, a smile from you will totally brighten up her day(:

Meet Atiqah 🙂 She graduated from Tampines Junior College before she entered NYP Physiotherapy.

What she loves about the profession is that physiotherapists work with patients from all walks of life, ranging from children to the elderly, and that they come with a variety of conditions- from sports injuries to neurological issues. Her motivation comes from the idea that she’ll be able to make positive changes to her future patients’ health and lifestyles, and also bring them joy and relief.

To her, studying physiotherapy is interesting as it is not confined to learning merely from notes and books, but opportunities to learn come from practical lessons and clinical placements as well! You can only absorb that much from a book, but definitely much more hands-on. She has always been intrigued by how hundreds of muscles come together to enable mobility and flexibility; how the muscles are specific to various movements.

She is thrilled to be in council and she hopes to get to know fellow aspiring physiotherapists, so please do say hi to her when you see her around 🙂

Meet Geraldine !

Geraldine came from Dunman High School where she took her Alevels in the Integrated Programme. She enjoys human interaction and has all along been certain of a career in the healthcare sector as she sees a need for her to give back to society within her capability.

Do say hi to her when you meet her, she really doesn’t bite.

Meet Vivien. Previously from Innova Junior College. She loves physiotherapy because of the satisfaction of reducing someone’s pain, being with patients on their journey to recover, making someone feel alive again.

To bring joy to someone else is one of her greatest joy. She would say, the joy of having patients regaining  their mobilites is akin to seeing your own baby learning how to walk.  Her motto is – Live. Laugh. Love.