Meet Rethinam, President of the 3rd Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council. He was from Anglo-Chinese Junior College and proud to have don the famous white and blue uniform. A former Bridging Engineer from 35 Singapore Combat Engineers, Rethinam was part of the M3G crew involved in bridging operations during his National Service.

A career in the medical sector was always in Rethinam’s mind. His exposure to the hospital settings through his hospital attachments during his junior college days enforced his decision. However, the choice to take up Physiotherapy only came about when he attended one of HPB’s recruitment talks. The satisfaction of seeing patients recovering and being able to lead a near normal lifestyle convinced him physiotherapy is where his future lies in. Rethinam has a deep interest in the Paediatrics aspect of Physiotherapy and hopes to one day specialise in it.

Rethinam believes in the principle that a meaningful life is not about achievements or self-gratification but more so about knowing that you have pushed yourself, body and mind, to the limits of your own potential. Hence, the decision to join council through which he believes he can serve his peers and at the same time challenge the boundaries of his exposure in life.

As the Plautus once said, “No man is wise enough by himself,” Rethinam values teamwork greatly. He believes it is the fuel that drives the council to achieve its aims thus ensures his council members’ viewpoints are heard.

As every step of his council term is a learning process, he hopes to learn many valuable lessons during his stint as council President. Thus believing in his junior college’s famous slogan, The Best is Yet to Be!

Meet Vice-President Rachel, the aspiring physiotherapist from Anglo-CHINESE Junior College, i.e the school with chinese who can’t speak chinese. True enough, she too has an ang moh accent which never fails to make her friends laugh. So perhaps sticking to English when you talk to her would be the best of options! :p Her life of jumping high during Track and Field trainings grew mundane and when an opportunity to work together with awesome people (now all in council) to make a difference presented itself, she absolutely couldn’t resist.

Rachel’s seemingly demure and soft-spoken exterior is coupled by a more-than-contrary interior!

Bubbly, cheerful and full-of-spunk are just a few of many traits that Rachel possesses. Don’t be surprised if this girl jumps right in front of you and greets you with a warm (but often louder-than-she-thinks-she-is) HELLO!

Helping friends and family get back on their feet was the root of Rachel’s passion to pursue a career she not only loves but where she can pour out her dedication for the profession into. Learning about all sorts of different abnormalities one can be born with has made her treasure those around her more. Interestingly enough, she has been able to try various stretches to cure her very own knee pains. What better way to learn about the effectiveness of our rehabilitation techniques than to try them on yourself!

Feel free to drop her a wave whenever you see her in school! 😀

Meet Kelvin, Secretary and a positive and cheerful student who has enjoyed serving the student body as a Student Councillor during his time in Anderson Junior College.

After his A-Level, Kelvin applied to study Chemistry in a local university. Never did he expect that two years down the road, he would change his mind and study Physiotherapy instead. He made this decision after he tore his knee ligament while serving National Service. Fate had chanced upon him. This accident has allowed him to be exposed to the previously unknown term ‘Physiotherapy’.

Physiotherapy is not your routine 9-5 desk job. Most of the time, a Physiotherapist would be on their feet, moving from patient to patient, treating a wide variety of movement related disorders. With many different interesting cases to work on, Physiotherapy is definitely an exciting and fulfilling career. Having tasted what it was like to be bed bound and walking aid dependent due to his injuries, Kelvin knows the pain of such patients. Instead of the financially better prospect of being in a Chemistry related field, Kelvin has decided to take up Physiotherapy, a job which can bring movement and smiles back to the lives of patients.

“One year into the course, I must admit that it is definitely not as easy as I had thought it would be. One must possess both physical and mental prowess in order to survive the never ending onslaught of medical knowledge and patient handling skills that is drilled into us, day after day, week after week and month after month. I really respect the profession, for those in it are supermen who have survived the battle and have gone on to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Assistant Secretary and formerly from Saint Joseph’s Institution International which offers the International Baccalaureate program rather than the traditional A levels, Alyssa is already used to taking the path less travelled. She knew since secondary school that the healthcare sector was where she wanted to work in since desk-bound jobs have never been enticing enough. Torn between Psychology and Physiotherapy, she choose the latter wondering where the path would lead her. Suffice it to say, it has been good thus far.

Although enrolling into the Physiotherapy course sets her further apart from her peers who are in university, Alyssa takes being different in her stride. She believes that everyone has their own unique capabilities which should be put to good use and should help create positive change. This was primarily what convinced her to be part of the 3rd SPSC.

Alyssa may seem quiet on the outside. But once you get to know her, there is definitely more than meets the eye.

Meet Rechelle, our Treasurer! A victorian from the sunny east side of singapore, she’s a compulsive gym goer who’s vain beyond measure. Despite being quite a ‘typical jock’, she has an eye for the tiny little details which help us to keep our accounts in check!

Being in the soccer team in VJC where teammates got injuries every other week sparked off her interest in physiotherapy. The idea of being able to make a difference in the lives of others pushed her to take up this course!

People who don’t know her think she looks really fierce and scary. (don’t worry, she doesn’t plan to work with kids. ikr, they’ll all get scared away) But really, she’s a nice person who won’t bite.

Sports first opened her eyes to a career in physiotherapy, and will always fascinate her. She harbours big dreams of being a sports physio at Manchester United someday, working with top athletes at their Carrington training ground! (:

Meet Kimberly, PR Manager and a jaded east-sider. She was previously from Tampines Junior College and has never studied in a school outside the east, but she will travel during the mad rush hour to and fro from NYP everyday just because she loves physiotherapy.

It may (or may not) surprise you to know that she has never once donned a white uniform before and is actually, secretly, rather looking forward to donning the clinical uniform. Well, until the day she gets mistaken for a bus conductor or cleaner.

She never thought that she would get into something as specialized as physiotherapy. But when the opportunity presented itself for the second time, she knew that it was a profession that God was calling her to. And it didn’t hurt that she loved biology with a burning passion. Kimberly truly desires to major in paediatrics one day, but who knows, maybe something epic during clinicals might change her mind one day. And that is her favourite part; the best kind of learning takes place outside the classroom. And no two learning experiences are really the same.

Try not to mind her odd sense of warped logic sometimes. Deep (deep deeeeep) down, she really just wants to be a blessing to others.

Meet Rachel Wong, Assistant PR Manager! Rachel graduated from Victoria Junior College and is an enthusiastic sportsperson. In particular, she represents NYP in ultimate frisbee. In addition to being a team player, she also loves playing soccer, as she did in VJC. Among her friends, Rachel is known for being a sports junkie, with a passion for an active lifestyle.

Physiotherapy first caught her eye when she saw her teammates undergoing treatment after sustaining sports injuries. She found the rehabilitation process fascinating and was inspired to help others recover as well. Little did she know, sports physiotherapy was just the tip of the professional iceberg. Patients, young and old, with conditions ranging from neurological disorders to orthopedic injuries are people physiotherapists work with on a daily basis. The more she learnt about the profession, the more she fell in love with it. As she grew more a part of the physiotherapy community, the more she wanted to contribute to the student body and caring for others.

Among other things, she is excited about how to represent the needs of her fellow physiotherapy students. In her free time, she also enjoys catching up with friends and listening to music. Rachel is outgoing and loves bringing joy and laughter to others’ lives, so feel free to strike up a conversation with her today!

Meet Yeok Ling, PR Officer! Previously from Nanyang Junior College, she was the ex-President of the Guzheng Ensemble. Yeok Ling loves interacting with people and meeting new friends. She almost entered the SAF, if it hadn’t been violently disallowed by her father. Perhaps it was due to her manly character and ‘never say die’ attitude that gave her the courage to want to try something so daring and unbelievable.

Unlike the majority of her peers, Physiotherapy was never really one of her top choices, even though she had much interest in the healthcare sector. However, being in the course itself has opened her eyes to greater horizons and helped her discover the joys of being a physiotherapist, something that is absent in other careers. What she loves most about physiotherapy is the ability to help people, take part in their healing process, bringing a smile to them and brightening their days! 😀

Being the assistant instructor of the Aikido children’s class has sparked her interest in specializing in either paediatrics or sports physiotherapy. She also hopes to open a pastry shop in the future to fulfill her dream of being a pastry chef, so do support her then!

Meet Clement, Operations Manager, who comes from the schools just opposite NYP! Well, you are not wrong if you guessed either AJC or Anderson Secondary! Before he entered Army, physiotherapy was never part of his choices (or study options) as he was choosing between his given choices of either NTU Art, Design & Media or NUS Architecture. However, 2 years in Army allowed him much time to make a more informed decision, applying for physiotherapy instead, having been exposed to the work of a physiotherapist in his vocation!

Having ‘retired’ from the days of Steeplechase in Track & Field, he’s now just joined the ranks of council and he hopes to learn, share and enjoy together with all the people in council, and the community at large that he may have the chance to interact with!

It’s still a long journey ahead, having made this decision not too long ago and stepped into this path away from his close friends who went into local universities. But without a doubt, it’s physiotherapy – the way forward.

Meet Si min, Operations Officer. She was previously from Innova junior college. One of the reason why she choose physiotherapy as her career in the near future is because she enjoys interacting with people. She also feels that being a physiotherapist, you get to help those people who are at their lowest point in their life and see them getting well, which she believes that other careers would not give you such satisfaction in your life.

A little more about Si min : She is someone that enjoys going out with her friends ,enjoying movies and indulge in good food. Furthermore, she loves traveling because it gives you a whole new experience which allows her to know more about other culture in different parts of the world which you cannot find in Singapore.