Presenting the 4th SPSC.


Public Relations Committee (left to right): Vivian Lim, Anjelica Goh (PR head), Melissa Ong, Cherie Ling


Welfare Committee (left to right): Liew Yee Ching, Goh Jia Qian (Welfare head), Chan Jia Ying, Lee Yan Rong


Executive Committee (left to right): Kwoh Mun Teng (Secretary), Jolene Tan (Vice-president), Masayu Afiqah Binte Masagoes Hashim (President), Wong Yee Lyen (Treasurer)


Salaam! (:
It means ‘Peace’ in Arabic.

My name is Afiqah, but you can call me tonight. 😉

Hahaha alright, I kid, I kid.

A traveler in this world, I just aim to be fruitful wherever I am planted.
I am striving to be better, taking it day by day.

My interest in Physiotherapy really began when I graduated from Secondary School. Little did I know I would undergo Physiotherapy myself, and then later on decide to take a leap of faith and actually venture into this field. To sum up my Physiotherapy journey thus far in one word would be: ‘Tough’. Let that not discourage any of you Aspiring Physiotherapists out there though, for sincere hard work is sure to be duly rewarded!

“Happy is the man who avoids hardships, but how fine is the man who is afflicted and shows endurance.” – Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

As the President of the 4th SPSC, I only hope that what I do will make a difference. What I really like for the SPSC to be is to actually matter in the NYP’s Physiotherapy students’ lives. I personally may have lofty ideas, dreams, and aims of how SPSC can play a much larger role in our lives and people might think I’m crazy. I may not even be able to achieve half my goals, but hey, that’s not going to stop me from trying and doing my best. Because after all, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” 🙂


“HELLUU!” This is Jolene, the VP of the 4th SPSC. This nature-lover was a former student of Raffles Institution. And before you get the wrong idea, she is not the stereotypical Rafflesian who likes to stay at home to mug all day and night. She prefers to be kept physically active.

Although she may not have the look of it, Jolene is a sports enthusiast. The sports she plays range from handball to kayaking. And if you didn’t already know, she was a former national rhythmic gymnast (having extreme ROM values). Her burning passion for the sport had made her become an official judge and coach even after her retirement in JC. She is proud to announce that she produced the top gymnasts of the inter-school competition last year.

Besides her passion for sports, she loves to dance too (since Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport with dance element to it, somewhat like ice-skating)! She joined Modern Dance in JC and is currently a member of NUS Dance Ensemble. Do support her in the concerts!

Jolene’s initial career pathway was to become a veterinarian (yes, animal doctor). However, her involvement in physical activities had made her see and experience the different types of injuries one can sustain. So after weighing the pros and cons, she made up her mind and decided that sports physio is the way to go. Her ultimate goal would be to travel the world and work with the national teams.

Do say hi when you see her around in school! She is really friendly, outgoing, bubbly and cheerful. Anyone needs a listening ear? She will always be available to lend you one. She would love to bring smiles to everybody’s faces and strongly believes that ‘laughing is the best remedy’.


Meet Mun Teng, Secretary and former student from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, all too well-known for their horrendous Chinese (Irony, huh…). Well, she CAN converse in Chinese, just don’t throw her any proverbs and idioms, let alone dialect (She’s working on it).

Healthcare was one of the options Mun Teng considered as a potential career, with Design as a close competitor. But if you ask her the underlying reason why she chose Physiotherapy in the end, you’ll get a very simple answer being “I want to be a useful person”. (She still continues drawing as a hobby).

Despite her seemingly quiet and anti-social manner of dealing with mere acquaintances, give Mun Teng a few days and you’ll discover that deadpan expression is just a façade. She will laugh, scream and even crack jokes (unfortunately her humour is a little… off) with you once she opens up, which never fails to give quizzical, confused looks from others who don’t know. Generally, she’s nice, a little eccentric, but nice.

Though, she still has a problem starting random idle conversations (Like I said, she’s working on it).


Hi my name is Yee Lyen, call me Alien! Yes I’m serious, you can call me Alien, everyone does. I’m the treasurer of the 4th SPSC. I enjoy my life to the max. Fun and crazy are my middle names, and you’ll never know the real me until we become friends! I am an international student here in NYP, I’m originally from good old Sabah, Malaysia. Yes I get pretty homesick at times but I’m learning to build a new life here and all seems well so far 🙂 VISIT SABAH people there very nice one lol. As for my hobbies, I eat and sleep. Yup. Sums up quite a bit doesn’t it haha 🙂

The reason why physiotherapy became a career choice for me is because I have a fondness for working in the hospital setting. I also get satisfaction out of empowering patients, motivating them and telling them as they walk into rehab that they are more able-bodied than they think.

I’m loving every minute in Singapore, I’ve fallen in love with this country! With that I hope that you will consider this rewarding career, you will not be disappointed 🙂


Meet Anjelica, manager of the Public Relations Committee. Yes, yours truly handles the blog. She attended Willetton Senior High School in bright and sunny Perth, Western Australia. She’s a swimming coach and chronic beach bum. Much to her disappointment, Singapore beaches can hardly compete with the Aussie shores 😦

Anjelica has learned to stand on her own two feet back here in Singapore. Although she might like to add it has been difficult living without her mummy’s cooking. Anjelica has a fondness for rodents and puppies. She loves the nightlife (no it wasn’t her at Zouk last Friday, what you on about mate) and adores theatrical plays/musicals. An artist at heart, her ideal getaway is a stroll through an art gallery. Or maybe a day with Johnny Depp. She really can’t decide.

Anjelica has a keen interest in physiotherapy, or to be more specific, hydrotherapy (like you couldn’t already guess lol). As for now sports physiotherapy is the way to go for her, but you never know how things might turn out. With growing exposure to the various fields of physiotherapy, it is always possible to develop a new passion.

Outgoing, opinionated, and sometimes a little lazy, Anjelica strives to be happy in every aspect of her life. If you see her around in campus, say hi! But just make sure you’re within a metre’s circumference, because this lady hates wearing her glasses.


Meet Jia Qian, Welfare Manager! Previously from Pioneer Junior College. An Odac-ian, Venturing Beyond limits is her motto in life.

Loud, cheerful and talkative, she simply loves and enjoy interacting with people! Another reason she decide to embark on a journey to become a physiotherapist is that she wants to help people with various condition to get better and this kind of satisfaction is fulfilling. Another interesting reason would be that there’s not much bloody encounters in physiotherapy!


Meet Yee Ching, PR Officer! Yee Ching graduated from Pioneer Junior College. As a health freak, she believes in leading an active lifestyle. She was once nicknamed as ‘APPLES’ because of her love for them which she ate almost everyday.

Yee Ching believes that she could do her part as a physiotherapist to encourage many to lead an active and healthy lifestyle to prevent illness and diseases. Such promotions are especially essential in the aging population of Singapore.

There’s a saying, “He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.

She finds it amazing to see the physical skills that she learnt could be used to help many improve their strength to become stronger and independent in one way or another  and even the ability to lead life as normal once again.
Physiotherapy is a ”hands on”, physical career in every sense. The personal qualities needed for this rewarding role are tolerance, patience and compassion. Being through the 1st semester of the course, Yee Ching already thinks that she is up for it. So way to go girl!

Lastly, Yee Ching shall leave a quote- ‘A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.’ ~ Joan Welsh.


Meet Jiaying, the Welfare Officer! Before entering physiotherapy course, Jiaying was from Pioneer Junior College. Unlike most of her peers, Physiotherapy was never one of her first choices. However, 1 year into the course and going through thick and thin with her fellow course mates has totally changed her perspectives. One of the lessons  Jiaying has learnt is to be open minded and willing to take on new challenges as you never know what you might want unless you try it out. Being a successful physiotherapists is what Jiaying hopes to achieve for now, she finds great satisfaction in helping people get back on their feet.

She may seems quiet but if you need help from her, she will be more then willing to give a hand. Therefore, don’t hesitate to approach her for help or anything else!


Meet Yan Rong (far left), the Welfare Officer! Before entering NYP physiotherapy, Yan Rong was from Serangoon Junior College.

What Yan Rong loves about physiotherapy is that she can meet and interact with different kinds of people. She believes that she can have a meaningful and fulfilling career by entering this course such as by helping people to recover and return to their daily lifestyles. She also hopes to gain the satisfaction of helping people to regain their confidence.

Meet Vivian, the PR Officer! Prior to entering the course, she took a gap year and worked in several jobs. That was when she realized the usual office job bores her and she wants a job where she can make a difference to someone’s life.

Working in the hospital environment and the healthcare setting had always interested her. Vivian enjoys helping people in need especially people with mobility issues, and it never fails to bring a smile to her face when she sees patients being able to walk again and recover from their illnesses.

“When things go bad and you’re on the verge of letting go, just remember that you’re not alone.”

She hopes to get to know more aspiring physiotherapists, so do give her a wave when you see her around! (^^)


Meet Cherie, the PR Officer (far left)! Cherie came from Innova JC. She enjoys music and was part of symphony band in JC. She chose to study physiotherapy as she wants to do something to help people to get back to their daily activities which she feels is meaningful to her.


Meet Mel our PR officer! Melissa was a member of the Nanyang Junior College Symphonic Band from 2009-2010. A talented and highly skillful saxophonist, she contributed much to the band, not only with her musical abilities, but also serve as an inspiration to spur her peers to put in the same dedicated effort. She was constantly improving herself both in her playing and also in discharging her academics, striving for excellence in all her endeavors. Since secondary school, Melissa has been a loyal member of the Symphonic Band, this would bring a total of 6 years dedicated towards music and teamwork.

Her reason for joining the council was to contribute to the Physiotherapy society which will make up a huge part of her life. She believe in true teamwork and friendship, helping each other along the way to reach their goal.  
She has always been interested to work in the healthcare sector. It will be an exciting journey to meet and touch the lives of many patients. Physiotherapy has definitely had a positive impact on Melissa’s life by instilling her values on resilience and compassion. She strongly believes that a therapist can change one’s life; hence  she chose this as her career.

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