Meet Derrick, President of the 5th SPSC. A former student of Anglo-Chinese Junior College, he holds a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Melbourne. It goes without saying; Chinese isn’t one of his strong suits.

The idea of becoming a physiotherapist only took shape when he was in university. Sports injuries and the cold Melbourne weather left his knees and ankles in pain for a couple of years. After seeing a physiotherapist for a few sessions, the pain subsided and has not returned since. Feeling supremely grateful and at the same time curious that simple exercises could be so effective, he became interested in studying physiotherapy.

Being moderately introverted, Derrick is often in a world of his own. However, a wave or a smile will often snap him back to reality and once he feels comfortable, he can seem like a completely different person. Deep down, he is an adrenaline junkie and is always seeking an adventure. A fan of scuba diving and snowboarding, he won’t turn down an invitation to be closer to nature. (He hopes to eventually retire to a small, rural Japanese town with a stream running through it and perhaps grow his own crops).

Clichéd though it might sound, Derrick has begun to appreciate the smaller things in life after undergoing surgery. He is grateful for the care and dedication shown by the nurses during his hospital stay and he hopes that one day he can touch lives too. He realizes that he used to take people and things for granted and used to be a chronic sufferer of ‘first world problems’. By being in the council, he hopes to strengthen his weaknesses through new challenges and experiences.


Hi all! Meet Kai Ying, the vice-president for the 5th SPSC!

She is an exemplary person who took the time to find what she really loved to do. Before entering the NYP physiotherapy course, she had completed a degree and also worked for a while. However, she felt that life was not fulfilling and decided to do something different. In the midst of this internal warfare, changes happened after she started dancing. Dancing drew her focus to body movements, along with exercise injuries. The opportunity arose to switch career and eventually, she chose physiotherapy. One thing’s for sure, she is really glad about it.

Besides dancing, Kai Ying loves traveling. While many people have their reasons to travel, this girl travels for the adventure, for new perspectives and sometimes to heal her weary soul! On other days, she would create little islands of solitude; she would be holding a book while hidden from the bustling places.

Regarding what it means to be studying and becoming a physiotherapist, she thinks that an aspiring physiotherapist would need to possess mental and physical prowess to survive the course of difficult medical terminology and challenging patient-handling skills. What is more important is that an aspiring physiotherapist should enter with the spirit of service and work beyond self-fulfillment. So, for Kai Ying, she hopes she would eventually become a physiotherapist with the heart for people!

Hey all!! My name is Eric Fernando, you can call me Eric or Fernando or, if you please, maybe. Okay that was bad. Jokes aside, I was from VJC before this.

Being in a reputable school taking biology, naturally many of us had medicine as our dreams. But as A-Levels drew near and results day came, I became more exposed to other paths that I could take. Physiotherapy was one of them.

After a long and hard deliberation, I decided to forgo my dreams then and walked down this path (for full story, please contact me personally). Many dissuaded me, and some even called me daring. But to all those out there having the same dilemma, believe and nothing is impossible. I’m a climber too, so to all those who climb out there, hello and allez!!


Meet Khuzaimah, the petite yet impactful secretary of 5th SPSC. She joined physiotherapy as it gives her great personal satisfaction to be able to be able to help people for a living. Standing at a mere 4 feet 11 inches, she is bursting with ideas that she hopes to able to contribute during her term of office in council.

She wants to play a role in events, from the planning to the execution which she hopes would add to making her peers’ student life exciting. During her free time, Khuzaimah enjoys gaming, reading, watching Batman, and TV series.


Meet James, the Welfare Manager! He is previously from Tampines Junior College. To add on, he was an Air Force Combat Medic. He has gone through at least 20 IV insertions, seen life and death during his attachment in ER, been on SAF & SCDF ambulance during calls, and the list goes on.

Being the only child at home, he likes expanding his social circle by interacting with people from all walks of life. One of his weekly activities is to complete watching the latest series of Korean Shows from Running Man to Gag Concert. However, he has never been to Korea  and it is a dream destination for him. Hwaiting!

Ever since getting his A level results, he always had the intention of becoming a physiotherapist. One of the reasons of entering the healthcare sector is being able to appreciate one’s body functions better and the satisfaction of helping others in need.

If you do see him in school, do say hi! He will definitely greet you back.


Meet Naazreen, the PR Manager! Older she may be than most of her batch mates but she is still cute- not childish, just cute- and unquestionably very vain. With experience in juggling school and work, a fast-paced life is not something new to her. Now, she is ready to venture back to school life with new ideals!

Why physiotherapy? Interestingly, it was the modules in her previous studies which piqued her interest in physiotherapy. It was motivating how an amputee regained his posture and was able to run with the help of prosthetics and therapy. Though musculoskeletal physiotherapy caught her eye and brought her into this field, after undergoing an attachment with a community hospital, she is inspired to contribute to the geriatric community and plans to specialize in neurological physiotherapy.

She is naturally an introvert until she opens up and a goofy person appears. An avid animal lover, she gets really peeved when there is news on animal abuse. She loves travelling around the world to experience the charming local life and savour the food. She harbours dreams of starting a café one day as she believes food and music bring joy to everyone!


Meet Dhachayini, AKA Dhacha! She is the Welfare Officer of the 5th SPSC. This former TPJcian was inspired to take up physiotherapy in NYP after being the caregiver to her handicapped grandmother. She went through the same phase as the other ‘A’ level graduates which was to go to a university and get a degree. After much consideration, Dhachayini turned down NUS’ offer of a bachelors in nursing as she felt physiotherapy was a more specialised skill and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Other than school and the SPSC, Dhacha is also an active member of the Red Cross Youth, supporting them as a volunteer. As of 2013, she has been in the Red Cross for 7 years and still loves what she is doing. One of the main reasons she joined the Red Cross is because she wanted to help people everywhere… and help she did. She has been to Cambodia, Vietnam and Chengdu on various humanitarian projects where she educated students, interacted with the less fortunate and even helped to beautify a school by painting murals!

She believes that people should not be satisfied that all is going well for them. Giving is the most amazing feeling in the world and she would not mind giving up nights of sleep for a great cause. Having the ability to motivate and encourage people makes physiotherapy the field to be in!


From afar, you see that girl, who looks a bit fierce and very unsociable (but is actually really friendly). Well, that’s me! Hi! I am Nur Syathirah! I was previously from Nanyang JC and I am very interested in sports. Name me any sports and I would be willing to try it out unless it has something to do with heights, as I am afraid of it though.

I chose physiotherapy because it has always been my dream to help people and to make them smile. And when I can do that in physiotherapy, why not? Additionally, it would be a great help in my interest area, which is sports.


Meet Daphne, the aspiring physiotherapist from Victoria Junior College. Being in a dance club in VJC, dance injuries during the performance season sparked off her interest in physiotherapy. During her contemporary training at a dance company, Daphne had a chance to learn more about human anatomy and dance kinesiology. From the training, she was fascinated at how we can move (or dance) in a certain way that can prevent (dance) injuries.

Since then, Daphne found her new passion in rehabilitation and was inspired to make a difference in other people’s lives. Daphne desires to become a dance physiotherapist who works in a dance company but who knows, clinicals might change her mind. After all, there are so many other specializations for physiotherapy.

Besides dance, Daphne loves lomography, the ocean and DIY stuff. She likes to explore new places with her pretty film camera and take photos of people and buildings in a whole new different perspective. She is also an adrenaline junkie and she would dream to go for bungee jumping and rollercoaster rides every day. In addition, she wouldn’t mind watching horror movies (with a good plot) everyday as well.

Despite her messy hair, Daphne is a pretty neat and efficient person when it comes to serious work. And she really just prefers her hair to be messy. That’s just her style. Do give her a wave when you see her around in school.


Meet Jasmine, PR officer of the 5th SPSC, a spirited and enthusiastic individual who has an eye for perfection and attention to details. She’ll be a little upset when things goes unplanned or not in order. That’s the reason why yours truly is involved in event planning and management of the social platforms. 🙂

She enjoys occupying her free time reading, cycling and singing. She looks forward to singing with Evokx, a choral group that became part of her life since 4 years ago, as a way to wind down from the busy week she had in school.

She’s a risk taker, and is open to new experiences and challenges that come her way. One day, she hopes to travel around the world: try out bungee jumping, sky diving and anything else that excites the soul. 🙂


Meet Hui Yi, Welfare Officer of 5th SPSC. It will always be easy to spot her thanks to her height. She has been playing netball since she was 9, and started playing for a club in 2013. NYP has made her bolder as she is starting to try a new sport – Track & Field. She loves every minute of Track & Field and hopes that the passion does not burn out with the increasing workload every semester! Also, she loves running as it allows her to challenge herself and to overcome her own mental barriers – both mentally and physically. Thankfully, running and sports have helped her as she transfers her attitude and perseverance in sports to her studies.

Being a physiotherapist has never crossed her mind, even after finishing A levels and receiving her results. It was only when she applied to NYP (just to be safe, in case there was no other school to go to) and got posted to the course that she started to pay attention to what physiotherapists do.

She is proud to say that she is loving every day that she is in the course! She finds the work as a physiotherapist meaningful and loves having the ability to be able to influence a patient’s life. Also, she loves the fulfillment that she experiences when she gets to be a part of a patient’s recovery process.

For now, her passion is in sports physiotherapy, but for all she knows, her physiotherapy journey may turn out differently and she is excited to find out what the future holds for her! She joins the student council with the hopes of being able to make her peers have an enriching journey in NYP and also learn from her peers in council.


Meet Sakeenah, the affable, and driven PR officer of 5th SPSC. She joined the student council as she saw it as an opportunity to contribute as much as she can to make her school life vibrant. She believes in being proactive, and that if you want something, you have to make it happen. Since she enjoys seeing things come to fruition right before her eyes, she saw the student council as a good fit for her inclinations. She also likes to keep busy — she doesn’t think her days are packed enough, not even with mentoring students and work on weekends.

During her spare time she loves to write and engage her literary senses, and it is no wonder that she is the gatekeeper of this WordPress. No article gets posted without getting past her intense scrutiny. 😉 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” As much as Sakeenah works hard, she carves out time for some rest and relaxation. She enjoys travelling, reading (in fact, she currently has 6 books left unread…that she knows of), café hopping, and appreciating the finer things in life. She especially favours quality time spent with loved ones over a good meal or— perhaps it would be more apt to say in addition to— the delectably sweet treats that she is rather fond of.


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