6th spasc

That’s us! Read on to find out more about who we are!


Some say he’s terrified of babies and that rainy weather is his favourite time to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. All we know is he’s called Aiden. Got the reference?? 😉

Anyway, meet Aiden, president of the 6th SPASC. Typical INTJ who waste his brain cells on the most random matters. If you see him staring into space, he is probably thinking of what dish he should be having at Fatboy’s burger the next time he visits or what goes into cooking a pot of seafood risotto.  Being a sportsman in his younger days, he experienced a fair share of injuries and would like to help people out with similar issues. He also expressed interest in the elderly population as he felt that there is something that can be done to make their lives better.

The personification of freedom, he enjoys travelling alone and wishes to visit places with the most beautiful sceneries. Next on the list is the tulip field in Netherlands and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Besides travelling, he also loves playing his guitar, which soothes his soul whenever stress creeps up.

An introvert at heart, it does take quite a while to know him and go beyond awkward conversations which he is so uncomfortable with. But it is also this exact reason that he decided to join the student council to work on what he is lacking and challenge himself to many new experiences that will benefit not only him, but the physiotherapy community as well.


Hi all! Meet Win Ni, the vice president of the 6th SPASC. By the way, that’s not her english name. She doesn’t have one! But, she has all sorts of nicknames though, and she finds “Win” the coolest!

She was a former TPJCian, the endangered species in her batch. She will be very happy to hear that you’re her fellow kin.

Science isn’t what she was good at and would prefer Arts and Humanities any other day! Win Ni likes to experiment with colours and is good in painting pictures of the natural environment. Partly because she was born in a fishing village in Malaysia close to nature, she considers herself a nature-lover. Other than art, she enjoys sprinting, together with the way it makes her feel carefree. She also loves how it feels like to have the wind brush across her face.

She is good at multi-tasking except for when she is watching dramas. She can be so engrossed in watching the show that she would most likely ignore anything that is said to her. If you happen to see her around in school, don’t be alarmed by her fierce looks. She just looks that way when she isn’t smiling (and when she isn’t wearing contacts or spectacles). She is actually friendly and approachable once you get to know her!


Meet Lecindra, treasurer of the 6th SPASC! She loves money and thus… naturally took on the treasurer role!

A former student of Anglo-Chinese Junior College, she was super involved in swimming and waterpolo. This love for water extends to the beach, often spending her precious holidays baking under the sun and listening to the waves.

She is fascinated with the human anatomy and physiotherapy became an obvious career choice after being inspired by her physio that helped her recover fully from a torn MCL. She understands fully what patients go through and believes that it will help her be a better physiotherapist in the future 🙂

An avid globetrotter, she plans to travel the world and own her own vineyard when she retires.


“I’m You Sheng, secretary of 6th SPASC! Just your ordinary guy, busy with life and fighting crime… Never did I think I would walk the Physiotherapy’s path, but hey, here I am! I would say it was a mixture of family history, personal interest in healthcare and biology, as well as the benefits of a scholarship that helped me make a decision between the conventional university path and NYP Physiotherapy.

A bit more about myself: I’m interested in photography and still exploring it. In fact, I’m interested in so many other things. I would say that generally, I hold very different views about life and society from most of my peers. I also like to question why the world works in the way it does.

I may appear quiet to most, but when the time arises for me to talk nonsense…I don’t. I just talk facts. Funny how nobody take me seriously at such times. Sigh.

My wish is to lead a carefree life, travel once in a while, and contribute positively to Singapore’s healthcare community. Hopefully everyone will join me in making life more beautiful and bearable for our patients! (: Having said that, I hope healthcare students will also work hard with me and be responsible for our future patients’ well being!”


“Hello all!

I’m Chin Hui, the welfare head! 🙂 I was previously from Dunman High School, and although I’m not particularly good at it, I really like music! Probably explains why I stayed in the Chinese Orchestra CCA throughout my primary, secondary and JC years! 🙂

I kind of found my way into Physiotherapy (lucky me) by chance! I have always wanted to be part of the healthcare sector, but I honestly never knew much about the Allied Health Professions until I attended the Healthcare Immersion Camp organized by NYP in 2013. Thanks to the classmate who asked me along, I found what I wanted to do after graduation (from JC) just 8 months before my A levels started. 🙂

Here’s a pretty fun fact: Despite my tanned appearance, I’m Chinese 🙂 …and I’m not a sporty person. I often get people asking if I’m involved in some kind of water sports but… nope! >< In fact, I only started running recently (partly because I felt really unfit among my fit and toned course-mates), and being physically active is not something I’m really used to yet (shame on me!).

Hmm, p/s:  When I was younger (before my NYP days), people used to tell me that I look like I’m really pissed and unfriendly when I don’t smile. I really hope that’s not the case anymore, but if you happen to bump into me when I’m sporting my resting stone face, please don’t get the wrong idea! I hope you’ll say hi to me, I promise I’ll smile and say hi back!”


Meet Batul, the welfare head – she’s tall, she’s cool and she wears the most colourful clothes you’ll ever see. Even though she looks like a good, conservative girl from the outside, she always has the wackiest thoughts in her mind.

Biology has been her strong suite since primary school. She would read biology textbooks just for fun! Her dream to become a physiotherapist took shape when she saw her aunt – a PT herself – in action. Her interest in the human body and healing grew as she heard the success stories of others in the profession. She hopes that one day, she can open her own private clinic.

Other than physiotherapy, Batul also has a burning passion for pizza. It’s the go to food choice if you ever need to bribe her. Reading a good novel or watching an American TV show with a slice of pizza in hand would be her description of an ideal day.

Batul also hopes to become fluent in mandarin so she can communicate with Chinese patients effectively. So if you ever see her around, teach her a Chinese word or two!

IMG_0116 (2)

“I’m Joylynn, the Public Relations (PR) head of the 6th! If you’ve gotten all the way to this last profile, then either: (1) you’re really interested in knowing more about us, (2) skipped some along the way, [which I’d then advice you at this point to scroll up and continue reading], and (3) you’re stalking someone among the 7 of us, or maybe even all of us (; I could be wrong, but ohwell~

A little more about me – I love the outdoors, camping, and generally being close to nature! I enjoy sports but I do have my fair share of chill days like reading and movie marathon-ing. I chose the physiotherapy path because of how I think that it’d be so amazing to see someone’s life changing for the better just because of the little (or a lot) that we do for them and I’d be glad knowing that I played a part in doing so. I’m also comfortable around people, which probably explains why I’m in the PR position! There’s a lot more, but I’ll keep this short, in case you never ever finish reading this. So feel free to walk up to any of us to say hi and we’d be happy to make a new friend!

P.S. it was almost impossible for me to find a picture of myself alone looking normal, they’re all weird faces. Pardon me please.”

That’s about all! Thank you!
Signing off, the 6th SPASC.



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