About Us

Mission: To increase awareness and active participation of NYP students in Physiotherapy activities

Vision: To be a well-established student council that represents and unites Physiotherapy students in NYP

Singapore Physiotherapy Students Council (SPSC) was first established in September 2010. A student run body with a common passion, it is headed by the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and the council departments of Public Relation and Welfare.

The Council is generally involved in the planning of events for the student cohort, management of student relations and working closely with Singapore Physiotherapy Association to establish a better support for the students.

The aim of this website is to give the public insights into the life of a typical Physiotherapy student in Singapore, in the hope that the interest and recognition of Physiotherapy will be passed on and you would join us and embark on this journey to be an aspiring Physiotherapist.

Roles of the Council:

The President and Vice-President manage the council and coordinates the work of committees.

Monetary matters such as handling claims and budgeting fall into the capable hands of the Treasurer.

The Secretary’s role is to record and communicate information by compiling, organizing and/or sharing data such meeting minutes and council emails.

Public Relations is in charge of the various social media platforms such as our Facebook, WordPress and Twitter to get the latest news such as upcoming events and activities out to the rest of the PT cohort.

Improving the welfare of the cohort is the role of the Welfare committee through organizing bonding sessions within the cohort as well as sales of PT-related items, just to name a few.



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