Thoughts regarding council.

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So.. i have like 3 more months till my term in council ends. it has been a really fulfilling one, with many ups and downs. i love council work, i really do. maybe it’s because the thought of me doing something for other people makes it fulfilling. but i do wish that with time, my coursemates won’t take what we do for granted. it’s not easy planning an event, the logistics, red tape, planning that goes along with it. it’s only now then i realise that.. all those preparations that went on for Teacher’s day/National day in jc were actually pretty tough. and we all adopted the ” man, it’s super lame, ” kinda approach. okay, i’m guilty.

will be heading down to HK for a conference with Ezora and Barron in October. am really psyched about it. Singapore Physiotherapy Association is sponsoring a large part of it. feels really fortunate that we have their backing. the perks of being in the council, haha.

I hope this space works out fine. It’s so exciting. Kudos to ethel for getting it up.

I started a space on my journey with physio not too long ago. For those who are interested in reading about year 2 physio, here’s the link.. Http://  well it’s not very updated yet. we’re on holidays and there isn’t much to write. but i promise i’ll get it going in sem2. 🙂

Welcome to the world of council. i hope it excites you as much as it excites me. the work that goes behind it, the meetings, the friendships forged and all of it.



Year One Welcome Tea 2010

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I don’t think many of you caught this during orientation. Just something I made, Enjoys (:

Physiotherapy Day 2010

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Physiotherapy Day is coming up. and what a better way to spend your september holidays with the entire physiotherapy family!


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A new beginning. To my other four lovelies, this blog was made specially for you guys. Let’s live on this trend and make SPSC an awesome one (: