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Items for sale

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology  8th edn. – Frederic Martini & Judi Nath  (Pearson) $90

McMinn’s Color Atlas of Human Anatomy 5th Edn $35

Clinically Oriented Anatomy 5th Edn – Keith Moore & Arthur Dalley $55

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Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems: Adults and Paediatrics 4th Ed. $45 (nego)

Wrapped up. Condition: 9/10, no highlights.

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Atlas Of Human Anatomy 5th Ed. Enhanced International edition – Netter Frank H $45

Ganong’s review of Medical Physiology 23th edition – Kim E. Barrett $25

McMinn’s Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy 6th edition $40

Essential Clinical Anatomy 4th ed – Keith L Moore $25

Fundamentals Of Anatomy & Physiology 8th ed – Frederic Martini & Judi Nath (Pearson) $40

Maitland ‘s Peripheral Manipulation 4th ed. – Elly Hengeveld & Kevin Banks $50

Musculoskeletal Assessment Joint ROM & MMT 2nd ed – Clarkson Hazel $30

Neurological Rehabiliation: Optimizing Motor Performance 2nd ed. – Janet H.C & Roberta B. Shepherd $15

The Physiotherapist Pocketbook 2nd ed – Karen Kenyon $25

Goniometers: Large $10,  Medium $8,  Small $8

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Goniometer 3 Piece Set 12″ , 8″ , 8″ Spinal $15

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Gray’s Anatomy for Students 2nd Edition -Drake R, V Wayne, Mitchell A. $70

Condition: 9/10, no highlights.

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology 9th Edition- Frederic Martini & Judi Nath $60 (nego)

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